[The Goddess Revue] Limited-Time Event

 [The Goddess Revue] Limited-Time Event

Rouffe plans to show her appreciation for her subjects by hosting a magnificent banquet.
For the sake of making the guests have a whale of a time, Rouffe has recruited Cartilla, Misaki, and Eros into an unforeseen challenge!  

Event Duration:
2023/1/17 11:00 ~ 2023/2/14 10:59 (UTC +8)

Clear Story Stage 2-5

Chapter Release Schedule:
[The Goddess Revue] Release Date: 2023/1/17 11:00 (UTC+8)
[Road of Thorns] Release Date: 2023/1/17 11:00 (UTC+8)
[The Bloody Battle Part 1] Release Date: 2023/1/24 11:00 (UTC+8)
[The Bloody Battle Part 2] Release Date: 2023/1/31 11:00 (UTC+8)

How to play:
While the Event is running,
Experience the plot in the [The Goddess Revue] Story Stages.
Enjoy the battle in the [Road of Thorns] chapter.    
Claim Event Points and [Banquet Invitation] Event Items from [The Goddess Revue] and [Road of Thorns] chapters.
Exchange [Banquet Invitation] for products in the Event Store.
Besides Evolve Materials and Incense, rewards include [Dream Crystals], [Deity Contract], and the Event-Limited Summon Ticket [Bond Contract].

Using [Midnight Moon Misaki] and [Vesperthorn Cartilla] in specific stages will grant you additional Event Points.

Challenges of varying difficulty and fabulous prizes await players in [The Bloody Battle].
Clear the Stages to win Rewards including [Dream Crystal] and [Bond Contract].

※Please Note:
[Purity Inscription] will be for sale in this Event Store, and can be exchanged for Persona Inscriptions in the Purity Inscription Store.
Persona Incriptions may only be used to Awaken Personas already in your possession.

Rise of Eros The Goddess Revue

Rise of Eros 必玩推薦