Daraku Gear launches its new character "Venivya"!

Daraku Gear launches its new character "Venivya"!

Even though Venivya has known of her fiancé's betrayal with Ryu, she's tolerated much from her Ryuji, and has paid a high price for helping him.

She imagines Ryuji embracing her tightly, her staunch, prideful demeanor slowly melting away as he pleases her long-neglected nether regions… The Ryuji in her dreams matches her soul's desires⁠—his thrusting into her waist grows more instinctual and realistic. An overwhelming pleasure flows into her, causing her to lose her senses as Ryuji groans into her ear and a long sigh of release leaves her lips...

Daraku Gear's newest update includes a brand-new character, Princess Venivya, and an exciting new plotline filled with enticing 3D scenes. Follow Edarhe’s princess as she loses all sense of reality after having a chip implanted in her brain. Her journey from resistant royal to sex-crazed gutter gremlin is sure to satiate fans’ palettes

New school-themed limited event “Seven AI Overnight”!

Ekram’s squad of Senkis stumble upon the legendary software system Seven AI Overnight (SAO). During their research, they’re sucked into its world simulator and thrust into a middle school rom-com setting. In order to escape with the whole team, Ekram must make each of his Senkis crush on him! Join him in discovering the multiple storylines of his thirsty schoolmates!

Players who sign in for seven days during the event can get Venivya’s school-themed SR exclusive gear “Snow Lily”. Additionally, by unleashing certain exclusive gears in battle, players can increase their chances of claiming the special item “Lover’s Letter”, which is packed with delightful surprises!


Daraku Gear Venivya

Daraku Gear 人氣遊戲