Depraved Gaming: Daraku Gear!!

Depraved Gaming: Daraku Gear!!

Issued by Pinkcore and featuring our most hardcore content, the game brings together Mind and Body Training, brainwashing, biochemical experiments, and Device H. Come and build your own beautiful senki!

Freely change your perspective and interaction with fully 3D scenes and characters, and torture your senki by depraved means including electro torture, sex machines, and parasites. Aren't you just itching to have a go?


This is an era of mecha, racked by the chaos of war. When the humans of the Nymph continent discovered Lustite, a new sexual energy resource, it brought both rapid technological developments and the turmoil of warfare.


Overexploitation of sexual energy resources has led to a new breed of sex-crazed Lustants, and humanity is now facing extinction. Three men have founded the spiritual republics of Kur'tania, Edarhe, and Oen, and lead armies of senkis driving LT Gears to strike back against the Lustants and put an end to their spread. Each republic has developed its own characteristic LT Gears to harness the sexual energies of its senkis by means of Lustite cores implanted in the uterus.



A staunch follower of the Edarhist Church, Karla has taken a vow of chastity. Her first order of business after joining the clergy is to help that Lantis boy take back his home country, a mission that may very well change her faith, and her very life, completely.

Christine, a talented scholar and aristocrat of Edarhe, has been driven by some reason to become a senki. Some say she joined the fight to rescue the man she loves, a descendant of Edarhe himself; others think she joined up to for the chance to engage in more Lustite research first hand. Whatever the rumors may be, Christine brushes them off with cool indifference, opting to focus on the tasks at hand.

Selina saved the Lord of Lantis from an LT Bishop's grasp when he was still a toddler, acting as his protector ever since. And yet, as fate would have it, Selina was kidnapped by slavers not long after the chaos erupted in the Holy State.

While the self-proclaimed 'Mad-Dog Queen' was born into luxury, Rita was scammed into migrating to Kur'tania during the Edarhe Descendant Incident and sold into slavery. Years later, Rita had been passed among various slaveowners, and yet the more she is abused, the tougher she gets.




This game is expected to be released at the end of this year. Join the Discord now to get the latest character info, pictures and videos, and event notifications. We welcome all connoisseurs of depraved gaming to join us and take a seat in front of the love chair!



Depraved Gaming Daraku Gear

Daraku Gear 人氣遊戲