Dragons descending!

Dragons descending!

***This post was last updated on 9/28 12:00 (UTC+8).***


Fellow Archdemons:


On 9/29 (Wed.) at 11:20 (UTC+8), Tenkafuma will undergo maintenance, and the servers will temporarily stop running. When the update is complete, we'll release another announcement.


During the update, players will be unable to log into the game. Please bind your account to prevent data loss.


When the update is complete, players will need to redownload and install the game. If version 1.4.5 shows up, that means the update is complete.


♥New Content♥


1. New recruitable characters added to Eternal Summon:

★SSR Fallen Dragon Karina

★SR Last of the Silver Dragons, Pulicia

※ "Fallen Dragon Karina" and "Last of the Silver Dragons, Pulicia" will be added to Eternal Summon after the update on 10/13


2. Added [Dragon Duet] Pick Up Banner

-Availability: 09/29/2021 (Post Update) ~ 10/13/2021 14:00 (UTC+8)

- Summon Probabilities: SSR Fallen Dragon Karina 0.7% / SR Last of the Silver Dragons, Pulicia 2%


3. Added a limited-time event [Last of the Silver Dragons ~ The Legend of Shenron Mountain]

-Availability: 09/29/2021 (Post Update) ~ 10/13/2021 10:00 (UTC+8)

- Pre-Requisites: Must have completed 1-08 in the main storyline


4. Added new functions to "Time Rift" (The first two functions will be available after Season 2)

- Ranking Board

- Calculation for the clear turn count

- If resetting the quest progress after clearing a quest, the quest that have been cleared will no longer require energy.


5. Added new content to the [Puzzle System]

◆N Demon Warrior-Flay

◆N Demon Warlock-Manuella

◆N Holy Knight-Martina

◆N Excelsis Deo Sister-Claire


6. Added [Intel Investigation] to the regular quests

Collect puzzle items from the quests to unlock the puzzles!

※ The quest will be added to the regular event [Daily Mission Quests]


7. Added new recruitable characters:

★SSR Archangel Saint Milae

★SSR Well-Respected Aristocrat, Lotiya

★SSR Dreameater Aridya

★SR Magical Knight Tyrella

◆N Angel of Punishment

◆N Angel of Bliss


8. Added a limited-time bundle [Holy Stone's Support]

-Contains: Skill Stone*1, Summon Contract*10 x2, Silver Coin*800000, Assault Ticket*100

- Bundle Price: 2320 (HoneyP / ECoin)

- Purchase Requirements: Players who have reached level 5 or above

- Availability: 9/29/2021 (Post Update) ~ 10/06/2021 00:00 Those who are eligible to purchase this bundle will receive a notification.

※ You will be able purchase this bundle within the next 7 days after receiving the notification.


♥Optimizations and Fixes♥



1. Added new daily missions

2. Updated the icons of certain items

3. Optimized the Dispatch System

4. Optimized the character filter

5. Optimized the Puzzle System

6. Optimized the Recruitment notification



1. Fixed the tutorial

2. Fixed the display issue that will occur to certain Room images

3. Fixed the display issue with the words on iOS devices

4. Fixed the MAX button in the shop

5. Fixed certain battle issues

6. Fixed the issue where the game will freeze or crush on Samsung phones

7 .Fixed the battle issue that has occurred to the 60th floor of "The Demon Spire".

TenkafuMA Dragon Duet Karina Pulicia