How exactly did they become brainwashed?

How exactly did they become brainwashed?

Pinkcore announces that pre-registrations are now open for Daraku Gear, its new title that plumbs new depths in depraved gaming. This first reveal introduces gameplay and the sexual escapades of three of its randy characters. How exactly did they become brainwashed, hypnotized, and disciplined, turning their personalities and moral alignments all but inside out?

Karla - the doll-faced, big-chested Priestess
Baptized and raised in the Edarhist Church, Karla is Ekram's chaste and unwavering apprentice. Under his instruction, she firmly believes that all this training will harden her and strengthen her soul, but eventually it'll bring her faith and her life crashing down before her...

When selecting this Senki's training item, fill a syringe with a Charmworm Enema disguised as "Holy Water", then squirt it inside her to prepare her for spiritual training.

Christine - a cold-hearted whore with a superiority complex
As she was an Edarhian aristocrat and talented scholar, nobody knew why Christine chose to become a Senki. It appeared that she did it to strengthen Edarhe's military might, until it was discovered that she was looking to gather intel, and so she was assigned to the protagonist's side as a supervisor...

Use the love chair's brainwashing device to continuously transform the Senki's state of mind. Once she's lost consciousness, inject some Dark Spiders into the back of her neck to sink her deeper into helpless depravity.

Selina - the protagonist's caregiver
Selina's job had always been to protect the young Lord of Lantis, sometimes like a mother, and sometimes like a heavy handed big sister, teaching him all that he needed to know. But as the Holy State erupted in chaos, Selina was kidnapped by slavers, suffered through endless brainwashing, and was routinely implanted with ungodly substances.

Discipline the Senki from head to toe while she's bound to your interrogation chair. Inject a fragrant concoction of stimulants mixed with Ekram's bodily fluids into every corner of her asshole and pussy.

Daraku Gear is a turn-based combat game. Your party will engage with the enemy at each stage. Players should wait for the right moment to secure a flawless victory, and activate each Senki's unique skills by clicking on their avatars.

If you're really confident in the team you've built, you can simply use Auto mode, and let your well-trained Senkis determine the outcome of battle.

This game is still in development. Once released, players will be able to enjoy the game in five languages: Simplified or Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.

Daraku Gear

Daraku Gear 人氣遊戲