More Senki backstories

More Senki backstories

Pinkcore announces the 12/28 release of Daraku Gear, a new title published by Pinkcore that plumbs new depths in depraved gaming, and shares a sneak peek into the game's visuals. Last week, it was revealed how three Senkis were brainwashed, hypnotized, and disciplined into submission. Given the warm welcome they've received, this week we're feasting our eyes on three more Senki backstories.

Rita - The Mad-Dog Queen
Though she was born into luxury, Rita was tricked into migrating to Kur'tania during the Edarhe Descendant Incident and sold into slavery. Years later, Rita's been passed among various slaveowners, yet the more she's abused, the tougher she gets.

This Senki is brought to her knees by the Slave Chip implanted in her head. Thrust a Lustant Cock packed with nanosperm in and out of her and torture her with electric shocks to reset the chip and become her new Master.


Jess - Rider of Tracker Hounds and leader of the fearsome Wastelanders
Judging from her ditsy, flirty appearance, she might seem like the very opposite of her lover, Rita, but Jess will go to highly violent ends to protect her beloved. Rumor has it that a certain slaveowner once badmouthed Rita behind her back. That night, he got a visit from Jess, and his entire camp of more than 300 people was slowly ripped limb from limb by LT Gears.

Use 'D Training' to trap the Senki's consciousness in a never-ending sex cycle, and imprint her so deeply with sexual pleasure that her spirit crumbles under the pressure. All that'll be left is for her to thrust herself into her carnal desires.


Luna - Heiress of Mandate Financial
While she's now working as a mercenary, Luna is actually the daughter of the head of Mandate Financial, a successful consortium in East Oen. She ran away from home, dejected, after losing a bet with her father that she'd be able to find and marry a Kur'tanian Descendant. Immature and headstrong, Luna's intent on proving that there still are Kur'tanian Descendants out there, and has ended up in Ekram Lantis' team of mercenaries. She joined up not out of any interest in mercenary life, but because she knows that even if she doesn't find a Kur'tanian Descendant, there'll always be a Lantisian Descendant right by her side.
As she's slowly posessed by Rita's switchbug parasites, Luna has no idea that she's already been through more than a hundred sessions of sexual humiliation, believing them to be her fevered dreams. Though she wills herself to resist, the desires of the flesh are overpowering. At the first thought of Ekram, she feels hot and horny all over.

Besieged for years by the overwhelming forces of the Republic of Edarhe, the Holy State of Lantis was eventually reduced to dust. Ekram, the only heir of the ruling Lantis family, was taken captive by Pope Zamora of Edarhe before he had come of age. He lived under house arrest in the Holy City and was subjected to severe brainwashing.

Seven years later, Edarhe and the East Oen Federation signed a truce. However, the Pope needed a way to satisfy Edarhe's constant thirst for expansion. Ekram had become Zamora's most valuable asset, and under her direction, he re-established the Holy State of Lantis to be a puppet regime under Edarhian control.

Little did Pope Zamora know that after returning to Lantis, Ekram had learned of his family's deepest and darkest secret, a discovery which caused him to suffer a sudden mental breakdown. After that, his sole desire was to renew the glory of the Lantis dynasty and seek vengeance against all who had contributed to its downfall.

"I will annihilate every last enemy of Lantis... No matter the cost, it shall be paid with blood."

Daraku Gear

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