New Character- Sahria

New Character- Sahria

As her brother Ryuji goes missing and Seiryu Group faces an existential threat, Sahria kicks into overdrive and uses her immense fame to turn Starry Chicks into a military unit, recruiting a volunteer battalion to defend her people. When she finally reunites with her brother, little does she know about the perverse forces that pull at his strings in order to get to her…
-Main Gear Model: King
-Specialty: Damage dealer, buffs her allies
-Added Sahria's exclusive Memory scenes *7
-Added Sahria's exclusive Intimate scenes *3

[Limited-Time Recruit - Sahria]

-Added [Stellar Chanteuse x Perverse Serenader] Limited-Time Recruit Pick Up
-Availability: 02/07/2023 04:00 ~ 02/28/2023 04:00 (UTC)

Limited-Time Recruitments - Sahria's Debut

-Recruit Details:
☆SSR Perverse Serenader recruit chances increase to 0.85%☆
☆SR Stellar Chanteuse recruit chances increase to 1.50%☆

※One random Pick Up ☆SSR Gear will occur every 100 Recruits
※Guaranteed recruitment will reset after recruiting an ☆SSR Gear


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