Ryu ‘The Unrivaled Senki’ charging into battle!

Ryu ‘The Unrivaled Senki’ charging into battle!

Erotica mobile game, Daraku Gear, announced huge additions for May 10, including the introduction of new Senki Gear Suit mechanics, Story Chapter 8, and a new sexy Senki⁠—Lieutenant General Ryu—fearless warrior from Edarhe’s elite.

Our team also continues to release content for the game’s Senki Heaven event, where players can get juicy rewards like ‘Recruit Pass x14’, ‘Lustite x1,920’, a shipload of Credit points, and much more!


The valiant Unrivaled Senki has arrived!


Joining Daraku Gear after the May 10 update, Ryu has always had to cope with living in her sister Maida's shadow, an esteemed military advisor in Edarhe. And although she's undoubtedly smarter and more talented, Maida always managed to steal the limelight.

This predicament leads to Ryu developing a deeply competitive mindset towards her sister to the point of becoming an unhealthy obsession. In her constant quest to outdo Maida, Ryu has left her position commanding from the rear and began fighting on the frontlines. After claiming numerous victories unscathed, she's been given a name befitting of her conquests - 'The Unrivaled Senki'.



Unrivaled Patriot: a Gear befitting a frontline commando! 


Under Ekram's humiliatingly filthy training program, Ryu has long since lost her arrogance after acknowledging her place as a lowly cum dumpster and a mere extension of his will.

Perhaps surprisingly, destroying her self-esteem didn't actually defang her, but made her an even more terrifying threat in battle. By casting aside the shackles of pride, her tactical prowess has become more nuanced,and is ready to commit the most obscene atrocities as long as it is Ekram's will.

Ekram has created a new, specially designed Gear to celebrate Ryu's transformational journey. The lavish apearance and heavy armor of the Unrivaled Patriot perfectly reflects the power of its unrivaled commander, while the sexually obscene machinery within its cockpit certainly compliments Ryu's new nature.Regardless how much her chest fills with pride, her naked heart cannot hide its true desires from Ekram.


Repelled enemies surrounding her receive damage equal to 120% of Attack Power and are stunned for 3 seconds.


Exclusive Gears can gain different boosts and improved abilities depending on the combination of Auto Gear models deployed with it. The new Senki Gear Suit mechanics will provide Descendants with a new layer of strategy, strengthening their Squad leaders and clearing the path towards world domination.

After the update, players will enjoy a brand new UI for Gear info, enhancing your gaming experience!


Daraku Gear Ryu

Daraku Gear 人氣遊戲